Sunday, February 11, 2007

The best p2p I have ever used !!!

I am talking about Ares...

Here is the short description of Ares. Well, Ares is a p2p software. Which can be used to download anything under the sky !! Yes, I mean it.

I recommend Ares because its a small file usually comes around 1.4 mb. And its a free software. I use this software to download mp3s, hollywood films, music videos and so on.

There are so many features in Ares. Advanced search for all types of media files. And another good feature is the ability to preview audio, video files while their download is in progress. Ares runs on its own Decentralized Network. Another feature is that it has a chat window, with that we can chat with other Ares users, browse user's shared folder etc etc..

Well try it out !!

You can download the software from


Anonymous said...

Thanks I will be sure to try it.

Anonymous said...

WOW thats a very useful software I loved it

Anonymous said...

O MY GOSH this is the coolest software

Buffy said...

Keep up the good work.